Julie Huxley-Jones



VP of Research Solutions GSK R&D Tech

Julie’s mission is to build the next generation of medicines. With a passion for data driven decision making, Julie recognises knowledge is the core asset of R&D, and how it is provisioned and utilised is the key to rapid decisions that turn ideas into medicines. As VP of Research Solutions, Julie is responsible for pre-clinical Pharmaceutical R&D Tech across Research, Oncology, Global Health and MST platforms and focusses on the goals of improving the probability of success of transformational medicines and increasing research productivity through smart insight creation.

Previously, Julie was responsible for leading product, data and operational quality and external operations for Product Development and Supply. Since joining GSK in 2007 Julie has thrived at the interfaces of science, data/tech and business, leading laboratory automation across Pharmaceutical R&D, setting the strategy for Pharmaceutical R&D’s ambition in Big Data, automation and leadership effectiveness as well as the GSK strategy for animal research. As a computational biologist Julie worked from target identification to clinical trials across a range of medicines. Julie holds a PhD in computational molecular biology and a bachelors in genetics from Manchester University.