26th September 2019

GraalVM - JVM over JVMs? 🇵🇱

#performance #graalvm #programing-languages #jvm
Recently we have witnessed a small expansion of virtual machines in the Java ecosystem. Is GraalVM shining above others in the current situation? Or is it another OpenJDK fork? As part of this presentation we will answer questions what is GraalVM, what are the problems it solves and what makes GraalVM so special.

Jędrzej Serwa

Software Engineer at Sonalake
Jędrzej Serwa Software Egnineer at Sonalake. Interested in everything related to the JVM area, a keen supporter of clean code and xp. Passionate about systems and code architecture tined with DDD and functional aproach. After hours working on high performance and low latency systems.