26th September 2019

Experiment, don't argue: or how I learned to stop worrying and love experimenting in production 🇬🇧

#agile #quality #machine-learning
The classic way to develop IT solutions is based on the concept of feature specification: the expected behavior of the IT solution is defined together with and for the customer. This approach relies on the belief that the customer knows that customers need. Agile methodologies assume that this belief can be partially wrong and that customers will change their mind in time. In this presentation, we will present a different approach to develop IT solutions in which the specifications are driven by the actual interactions of the customers with the system and not by the partial knowledge of the customer. As an example of this approach, the development of machine learning-powered features for Egnyte solutions will be presented.

Willy Picard

Head of the Datalab at Egnyte
Willy Picard is an Engineering Manager at Egnyte. As the head of the Datalab at Egnyte, he is responsible for investigating and putting in production innovative ideas based on machine learning. In his former professional life, he has started his career in academics, obtaining his Ph.D. in 2002 and his "habilitation" degree in 2013. Next, he moved to the industry to work on natural language processing and text mining. He has also been leading innovation initiatives for the defense sector working on conversational bots, data analysis of Bitcoin, and applications of machine learning for fraud detection.