26th September 2019

Application security survival kit 🇵🇱

#security #architecture
There seems to be a lot of confusion and disinformation about what security is and what isn’t. In this talk we’ll try to clean up this mess, explain the core concepts, decipher many buzzwords (CIA, ALE, SSDLC, OWASP) and have fun while doing it. We’ll tell you how to play the risk management game the proper way. Treat this talk as a Security Survival Kit you always wanted to have.

Marek Puchalski

Senior Managing Software Architect at Capgemini
Web application developer and security architect in Capgemini. Associated with the automotive industry for 11 years and with themes of web application security for 7 years. Clean coder. An enthusiast of all topics related to information security, application security and lack of security. A member of OWASP organization.