Jörg Mecke

Senior Portfolio Manager Group IT at GLS

Ścieżka: Architecture


Warto wiedzieć:

„Reducing complexity in a decentralized IT” - this is the main idea of ​​the joint lecture by Jörg, who participates in a duet with Björn Morr.

Almost all companies have a decentralized environment. If you develop solutions in many different locations or countries, they will be validated against the programs that are audited. How do you deal with this organization?

We will present this to ensure that various devices are connected with a balance of freedom and standardized platforms.

Architecture Stage by GLS - 9:15 AM. Save this date on your calendar!


With an unusual mix of IT and marketing studies, it has always been important to me to create solutions that people actually use. After working in the oil industry for 10 years, I switched to the IT service provider side and spent 22 years there. Now I’m back on the end customer side and I still realize that good solutions are not the ones that are technically appealing, but the ones that are really loved by the users.