Joakim Sundén

Consultant, Speaker, Coach, Teacher at Crisp, ex-Spotify, Co-author of Kanban in Action

Ścieżka: Agile


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If you're only using your engineers to code you are behind. Empower your teams and lead by context, not control.


Joakim Sundén is a consultant with Crisp, a small Swedish consultancy with world-renowned Agile experts who help develop sustainable organizations. From 2011 to 2017 he worked as an Agile Coach at Spotify where he was part of a group of people working together with the CTO to develop a new approach to Agile at scale, aka “The Spotify Model” with Tribes, Squads, Chapters and Guilds. He now helps leaders develop empowered teams and organizations where all employees can be engaged in creating innovative solutions. Joakim is frequently speaking and teaching on topics such as Agile at Scale, Spotify, Empowered Product Teams and Organizations, Agile & Product Leadership and Strategy (e.g., OKRs). Joakim is the co-author of Kanban In Action (Manning, 2014).