James Skinner

Founder Al Super Human. Best-selling author and public speaker. Former CEO of Franklin-Covey JP. Former CEO of $2B hedge fund.

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  • Worked at the US State Department introducing AI to Japan from 1985
  • SE at NEC promoting Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems (AFIS)
  • CEO Singapore Web App development company
  • MIT: AI and Business Strategy
  • Investor in various AI companies
  • Former CEO of Franklin-Covey Japan
  • Former CEO of multibillion-dollar global hedge fund
  • Author of 20 best-selling books
  • Producer of the first best-selling book ever written by AI
  • Presentation on AI to The United Nations
  • First TEDx talk ever done completely by AI
  • Founder of AI Super Human®

For those interested in learning to use generative AI to transform your work and your life, here is the QR Code to my AI Super Human® community.