Henrik Mee Løvgret

Head of Transformation in ROCKWOOL Digital

Ścieżka: Agile


Warto wiedzieć:


With 30 years of experience (hereof 25 years working with IT) Henrik has seen the industry develop and change over time as well as how we plan and conduct our projects. From strict waterfall planning to the highly adaptive agile approach and then finding the sweet spot in-between; there are may ways to approach projects and in the end none of them are better than the others.

From his years as an officer in the Danish Airforce he understands how you constantly need to adapt to your surroundings and decide your steps forward based on the circumstances defining your reality. This is also how Henrik approaches leadership, projects and other tasks involving change and people, and this fits extremely into his responsibilities in ROCKWOOL Digital where projects are never the same and where the project approach embraces waterfall, hybrid and agile methodologies.

Henrik is also a professional photographer and he uses clear and visual storytelling avidly in all his communication to help simplify complex messages.