Evelyn Tian

Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC) | Professional Certified Coach (PCC) | Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) | Agile Leadership Educator | Certified Master Coach | Agile Coaching Skills Educator & Mentor | Board Member Scrum Alliance

Ścieżka: Agile


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You will learn: 1. To move beyond simple implementation, 2. A few take-aways to improve products.


Evelyn Tian is a coach, trainer and keynote speaker of international conferences. 

She has 30 years of product experience in telecom products, automotive industry, financial sectors, pharma, e-commerce and more, from product management, project management, system architect, software development, system integration and installation, and customer support. She can easily move between high-level strategic management discussions and detailed discussions on software craftsmanship.

Evelyn’s focus is on organization transformational strategy, continuous improvement and enhancing the art and science of crafting products and service delivery. Evelyn has built a lengthy track record and gathered deep insights in coaching organization transformation, agile leadership, product excellence and teams to unleash their potential. She was previously the head of Ericsson Global Transformation Support Center, and supported the telecom giant’s transformation initiatives.

She specializes in growing agile coaching capabilities, and has helped passionate agile practitioners from over 70 different countries. She offers free monthly coaching circle activities to give back to communities.