Andrii Aleksandrov

Principal DevOps Engineer at Sigma Software

Ścieżka: DevOps


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Whether you're a DevOps novice or looking to refine your existing practices, this lecture will equip you with actionable strategies and insights to implement DevOps successfully within your organization.


Andrii is a Principal DevOps Engineer at Sigma Software, a seasoned IT professional with an impressive track record spanning over two decades in the fields of DevOps and System Administration. Over the recent years, he has been dedicated to architecting diverse infrastructures from the ground up to cater to development needs. His unwavering commitment to crafting resilient and efficient infrastructure, designed to seamlessly support both development and operational functions, sets him apart in the industry. Andrey is a proactive, self-motivated individual who consistently prioritizes the unique needs of businesses in every project he undertakes. Beyond his professional endeavours, Andrey’s life is enriched by a captivating passion – playing the blues harmonica 🙂