Akshay Karle

Solution Consultant at Sahaj Software

Ścieżka: Analytics / Big data


Warto wiedzieć:

This talk will teach actionable insights for building enterprise data products. It covers an often under-appreciated aspect of data engineering which is ensuring data reliability and quality for end users. The lessons are drawn from real experiences building a data product serving over 30 different teams with usage doubling every quarter. Attendees will learn data centric best practices they can directly apply to their own data and enable impactful and trustworthy AI and analytics. The speaker has over a decade of experience as a software engineer, data engineer and a consultant helping companies build scalable data infrastructure and products.


Software Engineer. Quick Learner. Team Leader. Specializing in data, cloud infrastructure and security. 11+ years in Agile and distributed teams, implementing and coaching teams on Continuous Delivery, DevOps and Data Engineering while developing large scale enterprise web and data apps.