Poznań for IT

Welcome to Poznań, City of IT Business

18 NOV 2021 - online

Poznań - is a city of modern technologies, city of business and education, city where the past and the future intertwine. That’s the place, where such companies as Allegro, Żabka or Beyond have spread their wings, while others, such as GSK, Capgemini or Egnyte have broadened their horizons. Poznań means diversity and openness, which is also reflected in the relationship between the city and business. As an example, it is worth mentioning the Pozitive Technologies conference which was initiated by the City of Poznań in cooperation with companies from the IT industry.

Poznań as a Centre of New Technologies

Poznań became a business city because of its good brand, an encouraging investment climate and its support for investors. The priority industries in the city are: the modern services sector, the IT and R&D, and the technologically advanced production. In Poznań, there are almost 120 modern service centres, 30 of which are related to the area of ​​information and communication technologies. Over 9,000 ICT companies operate in the entire Greater Poland region. They are specializing in such areas as software, hardware, cloud, e-commerce and digital payment. Additionally, over 200 start-ups and 30 game development studios are operating in Poznań.

Qualified Workforce and Academic Potential

The favourable development conditions for companies from the modern services industry caused that over 22,000 specialists work in the city and this number is constantly growing. Moreover, Poznań has a rich educational offer, which results in over 6,000 IT students and approximately 1,500 graduates annually. Seven renowned Poznań universities, which are distinguished among others in the Shanghai ranking, offer students 20 IT-related specialisations.

United in Diversity

Poznań is an inclusive city, which develops considering the idea of ​​openness and availability of multiple opportunities. This is another reason why a strong IT community has emerged in Poznań. Many global brands such as Sii, TomTom, Komputronik, Nordcloud supported by IBM, Sonalake or GFT have their offices in the capital of Greater Poland. The City of Poznań actively cooperates with the business community, which allows for the implementation of the joint projects. This is also the way the Pozitive Technologies conference, which links up the IT specialists, presents the offer of Poznań employers and promotes the city, was established.

Awards for the chosen development strategy

The effectiveness of Poznań's activities addressed to the business, including the IT industry, is confirmed with numerous awards. Among others, Poznań got the title of the Leader of Good Practices in the ranking "Pearls of local government" granted for organizing the Pozitive Technologies conference. In 2021, Poznań was recognised as "the most dynamically developing city in Poland". The city was also included in TOP10 in the category "Growth Clusters" in the European ranking of technology cities "EMEA Tech Cities". It is also worth highlighting that Poznań was awarded with the 3rd place in the ranking of the most business-friendly medium-sized cities in Europe, prepared by the fDi magazine (Financial Times Group).

See you soon in the city of business and technologies, tej!